Teaching others to love themselves more freely, live more fully and know God more deeply

“After overcoming a life-threatening illness and circling the globe, a surprise encounter on a beautiful day in 2015 navigated my compass in yet another direction.” ~Theresa Diaz
Theresa created A Red Carpet Ministry to help share a message of courage and faith. As an agent of change, she believes in inspiring people to:

  • love themselves more freely
  • live more fully and
  • know God more deeply.

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Workshops for Growth

Are you stuck at a cross-roads in your life or curious about knowing God? Do you want to unleash a more courageous you?

Receive an hour of easy, personalized tools from Theresa to enhance your life!

What people are saying…

“…Theresa’s personal account is captivating and conveys a message of courage that is inspiring to anyone who has ever desired a fulfilled life.” ~ Matthew D.

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A Series of Red Carpets

From Believing to Knowing

The first book in a 3-part series, Theresa shares her story for the first time and receives 5-star reviews on Amazon in the U.S. and the U.K.

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