5 Reasons to Renew the Doodler in You!

As a former occupational therapist, I witnessed first-hand the healing powers of coloring. I had a patient who suffered from chronic back pain and initially declined coloring with me during a treatment session despite her background as an artist. Several visits later, I re-introduced the idea and she sat still as I began to doodle on one end of the large tablet while making small talk. Before long, she picked up a pastel crayon and began to draw. When she finished, she shared with me that her red circular design (see photo) represented her pain. A smile came over her face at the mere satisfaction of creating something artful again. She later reported that her pain had diminished and that it felt good to get her bottled-up frustrations out. Without hesitation, she picked up another crayon and continued.

It’s hard not to notice that coloring is making a comeback. And with the many benefits to putting crayon, pencil or marker to paper, it’s no wonder why. So the next time you’re out, pick up a tablet and box of Crayola and get doodling!!!


If you still need them, here are your 5 reasons.

  1. Repetitive actions such as coloring sooth the mind and relieve stress and can lower heart rate and blood pressure which add longevity to your life.
  2. Coloring is a quick, easy and inexpensive distraction from everyday situations. Taking time out to clear the mind can help you see solutions more clearly to alleviate becoming unnecessarily overwhelmed and anxious.
  3. Bringing out the child in you is a great way to avoid taking life, people and yourself so seriously. Seeing through the eyes of a child is refreshing and good for the soul.
  4. Expressing one’s self is important to healing and feeling validated in a safe environment free of criticism or unsolicited advice. Self-expression can reduce physical and emotional pain and possibly the need for medication.
  5. Coloring is creative and provides a more productive way to pass the time and stimulate the brain than sitting in front of a television.

Do you have memories of coloring… When was the last time you colored? What benefit did you get out of it? Do you prefer crayons, pencils or markers? Thanks for sharing… and Happy Doodling!!!