“Seasons for Change”

As we enter into a new season, celebrate the SEASONS OF YOUR LIFE!

Seasons for Change

by: Kevin M.R. Mayre.

The Season of our lives
Full of thoughts, actions and people
That rearrange our days
Into memories.

They begin with our dreams,
Each as numerous as

Are season for change.
They are passages of time,

The autumn leaves that
Remind us of the changes
That life hold in store for us.

And as winter’s snow
Changes the world around us,
So too, do our perceptions
Of ourselves and the paths
We seek to follow.
It is a time of thought,
A time of self,
A time to reflect on where
We are going and who
We will become.

Soon, these answers become clear,
As the world around us
Springs forth with
Challenges and change.
Never constant,
We are a reflection of
The world in which we live,
A world where our todays
Prepare us for
The tomorrows to come.

Summer then beckons us
To leave this place
We have come to call home.
And as we end one dream,
We begin another.
For the season of our lives
Are seasons for change.