My Love Letter to God

What a year this has been! When recently asked to provide a devotional to a writer’s group I belong to, I reflected a while and chose to give the glory to God for all He has done in my heart and my life. Here’s my Love letter to God:


Dear Heavenly Father, 

Since the beginning of time, you knew my name, you even knew every hair on my head. Ever since my first memory of time, you were there – in the clouds and on my shoulder, never far away. My mind often drifted to you in the sky; I wanted to be a balloon or a kite and sail upward to knock on your door. Then you whispered sweet things in my ear, making me giggle, dance and sing. You planted a seed in my soul and set me free to learn, laugh, cry, and grow while I remained unable to define you. My life began a course and I jumped on board. You sent me droplets of water hidden in the people, places and circumstances dotting my path until one day my breaths appeared numbered. I wanted to leave it all behind just to have a glimpse of you. Instead you took me in your arms and cradled my broken body and made it whole again. Since then you took residence in my heart and became more real than those sitting next to me. I know your desires, and now I know your plan. My first 50 years were devoted to fulfilling my dreams, the next 50 are yours. Kindly mold me more and more into the image of your Son and equip me with the capacity to please you. Thank you for trusting in me to be your loyal servant and friend and for keeping your numerous promises. My heart belongs to you…