Happy National S’mores Day everyone!


For nearly a century, Americans have been indulging in this more-than-just-a-snack phenomenon. Loretta Scott Crew of the Girl Scouts was the first to publicize this yummy recipe for “some mores” in 1927 in the Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts publication. She was also notorious for making them for the Girls Scouts and perhaps for contributing to making them a household name. And we know that nothing goes better with summer and camping than good ole S’mores. But have you noticed the changes coming down the pike regarding this gooey campfire delicacy?

While recently perusing the aisles at Walmart, I mindlessly reached for a bag of marshmallows then paused as my eye caught a glimpse of something strange. There on the shelf were more than the minis, standards and jumbos to choose from. I now had the option of buying S’mores style marshmallows (square and flat to fit on a graham cracker) and S’more style with chocolate in the middle. “Brilliant! Why didn’t someone invented these years ago?” coursed through my noggin. It was a no-brainer to put the original version of fluffy delights back on the shelf and toss a S’more style bag into my cart since I had just built a fire pit and was hosting a book club that night. I had my doubts about the chocolate-in-the-middle ones, but decided it would be a nice conversation piece to add to the evening. So in they went… along with graham crackers and a pack of Hershey bars.




As I built the fire that night, I wondered if anyone else knew of these gems given I was usually the last to know of such things. My excitement penetrated the clueless group as they opened the bag and started poking the S’moremallows with long skewers. Our S’more experience was certainly taken up a notch with our new-found secret. As I surmised, most passed on the chocolate striped ones though we all agreed that the Hershey bars met no substitute. Besides, who doesn’t want to use chocolate from a town where the streetlights are shaped like Hershey’s kisses?

The next day, I learned on Google that there were many variations. Some used Reese’s peanut butter cups, peanut butter or fruit spread for the base. Others added nuts, put the chocolate above the marshmallow or made a S’mores pie. Being a traditional kind of girl, the only variation I ever came up with was to leave the lid off to avoid the messy oozing of the innards while biting down. I preferred having my treat in my mouth and not on the ground. And with leftover ingredients hovering in my cabinet on a rainy day, I discovered the best way to microwave them. At first, I placed the graham cracker topped with chocolate and the S’moremallow on a plate & pressed “high” for 20 seconds, but the marshmallow blew up and ran over the sides of the base; not ideal. The next time, I used the defrost setting, but the chocolate was still firm by the time the marshmallow was to my liking. “Hmmmm… I got it! I’ll heat the chocolate first then reheat the base a little more with the pillow on top.” It worked! Down the hatch it went with a giggle over the attention to detail placed on such a simple snack.


So I ask you… How do you like YOUR S’mores… straight up old-fashioned or with a twist? Did you know about the S’moremallows? And have you ever prepared them indoors? Please share your S’more thoughts and experiences with us… and Happy S’moring!

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